Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

***DO NOT leave your pet unattended in the heat. All it takes is a matter of minutes for your furry friend to suffer serious health issues.

Cars, even when left in the shade with windows down, are usually 10-20 degrees *hotter* than it is outside.  Your pet can slip into heat stroke within 5 minutes.

Tips to survive the heat:
-         Keep plenty of water available for pets
-         Replace water to keep it cool every few hours
-         Only let pets outside for short periods of time
-         Do not leave pets unattended
-         Walk pets after the sun goes down
-         Give pets access to shade

Tips to keep pets cool:
1.     Use dog boots- Pets absorb heat through their feet. Wearing boots will help cool them off and prevent their feet from burning on hot pavement.
2.     Place a wet towel on the ground for your dog to lie on.
3.     If spraying the dog with cool water, make sure to get their stomach and paws as well.

Common Summer Time Issues:

Parasite and Pests- As pets spend more time outside, they are more prone to insect and snakebites. Carefully watch pets and make sure they avoid these incidents.

Drinking Lake/Salt Water- Do not allow pets to drink the water while swimming. It can cause your pet to become very ill.

Overheating- Know which breeds are not capable of being in the heat. Some breeds are very sensitive and can overheat in a matter of minutes. Be aware of your pet and their needs. Do not ever leave them unattended in the heat. And, do NOT leave them in your car, even to run a 'quick errand'.  

Signs of overheating
-         Excessive Drooling
-         Glazed or Bloodshot Eyes
-         Increased Pulse
-         Heavy Panting
-         Vomiting
-         Staggering

** If your pet is showing these signs, get them to a veterinarian right away. Try to provide the pet with fluids if possible. 

Have fun this summer, but remember to limit activity in the heat and keep your pet hydrated!

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