Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Care Credit: Just in Case

What is it?
Care Credit is a healthcare spending account that can be used both for humans and pets. Whether it is for a basic doctor’s visit or an emergency situation, Care Credit can be used to help your beloved animal friend.

Care Credit offers special financing options for purchases over $200. These options include no interest for 6, 12, 18, or 24 months depending upon the amount of purchase. There is no catch to this special. It is included in the terms when signing up and as long as minimum monthly payments are on time and the account is paid in full by the end of the promotional period, there is $0 in interest.

How Do I Apply
An online application can be completed at www.carecredit.com. The process is very simple and takes about 5 minutes to complete. If you don’t wish to apply at this time, Care Credit applications can also be processed at most animal clinic and hospital locations.  Phone applications can also be completed by calling (800) 677-0718.

-         Routine check-ups
-         Supplies purchased at veterinarian office
-         Unexpected doctor’s visit
-         Emergency procedure/ assistance
Care Credit Success Story
Feisty, a 4 month old English bulldog was attacked by another dog while playing outside. Immediately, she collapsed in a puddle of blood. Feisty’s owner rushed the small bulldog to a local animal hospital to receive assistance. They quickly took the dog to the back to analyze the damage. The owner was called to the front desk and advised that treatment would be over $800 a day. Desperate to save the dog’s life, the owner pleaded with the secretaries. Care credit was suggested as a way to finance the hospital stay. The owner filled out an application and was approved instantly (even at 11pm). The bulldog was able to get the necessary help and left the hospital 3 days later.

Without Care Credit, the owner would not have been able to finance the bulldog’s hospital admittance. In an emergency situation, there is not always time to get a loan or financial assistance. Care Credit makes it possible for pet owners to get the financial help they need now.       

This is a photo of Jake and his siblings.  Jake's life was in immediate danger, and while the family qualified for Care Credit, they fell short on the total cost of care.  Thanks to the generosity of Brown Dog Foundation donors, we were able to "bridge the gap" and save Jake's life and keep him alive and his family together!  Read Jake's story here:  http://www.browndogfoundation.org/jake-pa-2012

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